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item no.: 109340215005
now: US$10.20
specification: 3 piece
functions:Hydrating Brightening


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product name: Kose Cosmeport Clear Turn Premium Fresh Collagen Mask (3piece) item no.: 109340215005 brand: Kose Cosmeport
function: Hydrating Brightening category: sheet masks product size: 3 piece
country of origin: Japan



Using the unique vacuum technology, the highest quality and purest beauty essence made from Niyodo River water in Kochi, together with a variety of precious nutrients, is sealed and stored in the packaging bag to keep the ingredients freshest and most active, super moisturizes the skin

how to use

1. Take the mask from the bag, starting from the eyes and mouth, and slowly apply the entire mask to the face. 2. After about 10 minutes, take away the mask and apply the remaining beauty essence to the face with a palm and massage to help absorption. 1. After applying the mask to your face, gently pat the mask with your hands to feel the beauty essence slowly oozing out and moisturizing the skin 2. Apply 3 days continuously per week to make skin smooth


- Contains firming and brightening ingredients: Collagen replenishes the lost skin structure and restores elasticity; Silk extract contains fibrous protein, which has structure similar to collagen fibers that make up the skin, it strengthens skin elasticity; rice extract protects the skin's stratum corneum and maintains softness and smoothness. - Sacran moisturizing ingredients: Sacran is a moisturizing ingredient that extracted from aphanothece sacrum that grows only in very pure water source, its amazing water absorption is 5 times of hyaluronic acid, and it continues to moisturize. The skin is moisturize and shiny just like after washing the face. -Using the highest quality pure natural water source, precious trace elements supply nutrients and water to the skin bottom - Newly developed 3D embossed mask paper: absorbs and releases more beauty essence. Bemliese cottonseed velvet mask paper has amazing water absorption and is not easy to dry, so that the skin absorbs more essence.

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