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item no.: 108596005039
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specification: 4.5 g #45 Rouge Tuxedo
functions:RedAll Skin Type


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product name: Yves Saint Laurent Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Shine Oil-In-Stick (4.5g) (#45 Rouge Tuxedo) item no.: 108596005039 brand: Yves Saint Laurent
function: RedAll Skin Type category: Lipstick product size: 4.5 g
country of origin: France



Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Shine Oil-In-Stick (#45 Rouge Tuxedo) (4.5g)

Rouge Volupté Shine Oil-In-Stick is made with 65% oils, these 6 kinds of moisturizing oil, including guava, Hawaiian nut oil, hyaluronic acid, pigment and other ingredients, deeply hydrating texture instantly melts into lips providing a pop of color, 6 oils for 6 benefits: hydration, high shine, comfort, ultra-melting, luminosity, and smoothness. With the addicting signature YSL mango scent, to make your lips more tender and seductive. The series of colors are varied and refreshing, whether you are shuttle in the busy working days, leisure weekends, and even night parties, you can always find the suitable color to wear, and embrace your fun life!

Product Features:
 Shining color: Lip stick glaze with pearlescent effect, smear lips instantly rendering bright, like a juicy cherry.
 Long lasting: After the application of lip stick can last for few hours without changing the color of the makeup, can maintain a perfect sense of makeup.
 Pleasant smell: Lipstick with a touch of mango aroma, let you enjoy every makeup moment with a fresh and pleasant mood.
 # 45 Rouge Tuxedo is the color of beautiful cherry red, with a little pink, distribute the seductive temptation.

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how to use

Paint the lipstick evenly from the lips of the center to the periphery of gentle painted lips.

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all skin type

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