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product name: SAYA EASY UP Breast Cream 120ml (+ 50ml Free) (120ml) item no.: 102990902001 brand: SAYA
function: Breast FirmingBreast Enhancing category: Breast Enhancement Cream product size: 120 ml
country of origin: Hong Kong



EASY UP Breast Cream from SAYA is made from rare, fine-threaded premium Bird’s Nest together with the only known breast-enhancing ingredient known to man, the Wild Kuzu Root from Thailand.

With nanotechnology, these ingredients are combined to produce ultra micro-sized granules to achieve a 100% absorption rate of these nourishing substances by breast tissues. The result is as if your breasts were going through a growth-spurt in a second puberty.

In addition to a substantial enhancement in your bust line, you will experience silky smooth, firm and bouncy breasts. The success rate is a highly-respectable 98.6%. Research conducted by Japanese experts concluded that external application of EASY UP Breast Cream on and around the breasts cause absorption by the mammary glands, resulting in a strengthening of your mammary gland structure and growth. The premium, fine-threaded Bird’s Nest encourages breast tissue to grow, hence enhancing the potential for breast development.

How EASY UP Breast Cream Works

The 2 main ingredients used with nanotechnology for breast-enhancement is a patented formula which works in the following manner:

  • The organic Wild Kuzu Root functions to restructure and enhance your mammary glands for an enviable bust line.
  • The rare, fine-threaded premium Bird’s Nest promotes targeted collagen growth in your chest area to increase breast size.
  • Nanotechnology works to combine these ingredients into superfine particles which are easily inducted by your mammary glands for fast-acting breast development.

These result in 3 miraculous effects:

  • Your breasts become firmer as your bust line increases to fill out a curvaceous profile for your bosom.
  • Problems caused by a stressful lifestyle, lack of exercise, inappropriate diets and after childbirth, are addressed to target the elimination of unbalanced breast sizes, loss of elasticity, sagging and shriveling. Your breasts regain their suppleness while becoming rounder and perkier.
  • Breast cell tissue regeneration and reproduction is significantly facilitated, causing your breast tissues to tighten and become stronger.

how to use

Apply and massage twice daily on the bust area.

country of origin

Hong Kong