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product name: Lancome (18 X'Mas) Multi-Lift Day Cream Set (4piece) item no.: 109206504001 brand: Lancome
active from: 2018-12-21 00:00:00 product size: 4 piece country of origin: France
function: FirmingAnti-wrinkle category: night care



Lancôme (18 X'Mas) Multi-Lift Day Cream Set (4pcs)

The set takes care of the day and night treatment for face and eyes, effectively lifting the contours, smoothing the fine lines, strengthening the collagen production, restoring youthfulness and firmness!

The set contains:

Rénergie Multi-Lift Cream SPF 15(All skin types)(50ml)
Inspired by space, it uses Up-CohésionTM technology to add effective ingredients to prevent the loss of skin's original protein, lock in moisture, reduce wrinkles and dilute stains.

Product Features:
 Core Technology: Up-CohésionTM technology moisturizes the skin, effectively reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and maintains a firm, three-dimensional facial contour.
 “Revitalizing Stone” essence: The essence of the marrow leaves extracts the skin collagen and elastin, deep moisturizing, repairing the skin and restoring firmness.
 Revitalization: Adding guanosine GP4G to activate skin vitality, improve skin relaxation and increase elasticity.

Rénergie Nuit Multi-Lift Cream (Face & Neck)(15ml)
• Lift, Firm, Tighten, All facial zones are visibly tightened! Adding collagen positioning function, enriched with Multi-Tension technology and Euglenis extract, injecting endless energy into the skin at night when the skin’s ability to repair itself peaks, reduces wrinkles and smoothes skin, delaying aging, redefining skin with firmness!

Product Features:
 Firming anti-wrinkle: Euglena extract effectively promotes skin's vitality, improves troubled wrinkles, and restores smooth and youthful skin.
 Super-lifted skin: The new Multi-Tension technology makes the skin more compact, and instantly becomes firmer and more meticulous, fighting against loose and sagging skin problems.
 Creamy texture: Delicate cream texture, integrated into the skin, brings a rich and lasting moisturizing effect.

Advanced Génifique Yeux
Light-Pearl™ Eye-illuminating Serum (5ml)

Formed with a water-based fluid, the concentrate features fresh texture targets at all the inaccessible corner of your eye, reducing the appearance of fine lines and eye bags. The flexible applicator unites metal and elastomer that works harmoniously for unprecedented performance. With continuous application, eyes look visibly bigger, and the eye contour is visibly less puffy. It reveals a smoother, softer, and revived eye area with new radiance.

Product Features:
 Recues signs of aging: Helps to soothe puffiness, dark circles, loss of firmness and wrinkles, making skin appear brighter and more radiant.
 Flexible application: Engineered with a unique rotating and massaging applicator, it delicately refreshes eyes, could reach sensitive areas around the eyes with no more accidental eye stabbing with long gel fingernails.
 Reveals a revitalized look: It defeats under-eye bags, leaving smoother and brighter eyes, eye areas appear more appealing.

Advanced Génifique Concentrate Serum (7ml)
It contains special ingredients to energize the skin, and help you restore youthful glory! It can improve up to ten skin problems, including texture, resiliency, elasticity, firmness, sagginess, fine lines, wrinkles, radiance, skin tone and clarity, brings out the stunning effect!

Product Features:
 Applicable on different skin types, oil-free texture, makes the skin feels smooth, completely comfortable and refreshed.
 Get younger-looking skin: The patented formula helps to improve skin structure and build a stronger skin barrier. It can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
 More than 150 worldwide awards, 20 million units sold.*

* Data from Lancôme’s official website

how to use

Rénergie Multi-Lift Cream SPF 15(All skin types)strong> Apply every morning on a fresh clean skin. Use it from bottom to up on the oval, making a V with your 2 hands. Then pinch the skin on the cheek bones and the face contours making a S to sharpen face contours. Rénergie Nuit Multi-Lift Cream (Face & Neck) After using the essence at night, apply appropriate amount to face. Advanced Génifique Yeux Light-Pearl™ Eye-illuminating Serum After the use of the day cream, get the right amount for both eyes with the pearl applicator. Sweep the pearl under your eye, from the outer corner to the inner corner, then back. Draw small spirals beginning at the inner corner under the eye, end at the outer corner. Advanced Génifique Concentrate Serum Apply three drops of Advanced Génifique Serum evenly across the face and neck, gently massage then. Follow with your recommended daily face cream.


Rénergie Series Common Ingredients:  Medullary leaves extract: Repair skin, firming  Guanosine GP4G: Stimulates protein formation and smoothes wrinkles Advanced Génifique Yeux Light-Pearl™ Eye-illuminating Serum  C.G.F Extract: Activation of skin microcirculation.  Active ingredients: They enhance the serum to be soaked deeply in the bottom of the skin; also brings the more moisturized and softer skin texture.  Probiotics: Fermentation, fragmentation and filtration, to obtain skin vital resources. Advanced Génifique Concentrate Serum  Active ingredients: They enhance the serum to be soaked deeply in the bottom of the skin; also brings the more moisturized and softer skin texture.  Probiotics: Fermentation, fragmentation and filtration, to obtain skin vital resources.

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